About Us

Joanne Coe’s Living Room

Living Room is based in the small market town of Hitchin, Hertfordshire, where this family of three (My husband Peter and I and our 9 year old daughter Evelyn) live in a community that we love.  Following a 20 year career in Furniture retailing as a Buyer and Product Developer working for several renowned UK brands across all areas of the price and quality spectrum, Living Room was conceived in 2017. Born of a desire to create furniture of quality and provenance, we design and manufacture upholstery and cabinetry in a way that we ourselves wanted to own but could not find.

Living Room Inspiration

Inspired by my lifelong passion for British Mid-Century furniture design, Living Room offers an entirely contemporary aesthetic that references the archetypes of the past.

I have always been a huge admirer of the art and design greats from the post war period, from Robin & Lucienne Day and Ernest Race to Barbara Hepworth. My love of this period in Furniture & Homewares design is not only for its unique interior style, but also for the peak in UK Manufacturing that it represents. Combining the optimism of this post war period in furniture design with a modern craft sensibility, Living Room takes inspiration from this period and combines it with a love of craft and honesty of materials to create something new that evokes quality and longevity. This is an aesthetic that pays homage to my design heroes, whilst offering a distinctly contemporary perspective.

After a career that has seen my developing and sourcing product globally for over a decade, the Living Room ethos aims to celebrate the best that British and European manufacturing has to offer, with a desire to work only with people who share our values. How and where we manufacture is as important as what we manufacture, with a commitment to take full ownership of our supply chain and maintain the highest levels of quality. We are passionate supporters of British manufacturing, endeavouring to make our designs as close to home as possible. In supporting local manufacturing industry, we also aim to minimise our environmental impact in everything we make.

We love collaboration and have been delighted to work with other UK makers, from Sally Weatherill to Daniela Rubino, in the creation of cushions and accent pieces that also compliment our own aesthetic.

Living Room Furniture

All of our Upholstery has been developed with and is produced by one of the UK’s formative manufacturers, made to exacting standards by highly skilled craftspeople. Fabrics are sourced from British and European Mills, from Yorkshire’s Abraham Moon wools to Designers Guild Italian cotton velvets. Each model offers a modern take on a Mid-Century archetype, from the relaxed detailing of the Model 1 Box Arm to the clean lines and strong profiling of the Model 3 Cocktail Chair. Comfort and ergonomic are key, with the highest standards of frame construction and attention to detail evident on every piece.

All of our frames are constructed to contract standard, with fabrics also offered for contract or hospitality use in our contracts fabrics from Camira in Huddersfield.

The accompanying Cabinet Furniture offers simple forms with statement detailing, in solid European oak. Manufactured in Lithuania, all of the Furniture is fully assembled and finished in natural oils. Each piece is made to your order, and comes with a guarantee of quality and a love of classic design that is made to last.

Your Living Room

Your Living space is unique to you, and an expression of you. Although Living Room is a very personal vision, I look forward to seeing how it works in your home. I hope only that you love what you buy and own it for years to come. Likewise that just like the vintage pieces that sit in my home alongside the new, your purchase gets better with age.